Background to the Racing Pigeon Register

In April 2021, the European Union (EU) introduced the Animal Health Regulations (AHR) which laid down new rules for animals entering the EU.

When Racing Pigeons are exported from Great Britain (GB) to the EU or Northern Ireland (NI) for the purpose of immediate release for racing back to GB an Export Health Certificate (EHC) must be completed before doing so.  The EHC, associated guidance on Official Veterinarian (OV) signing of certification and arranging movement of racing pigeons is available on Gov.UK webpages at the bottom of this page.

All keepers of Racing Pigeons in Scotland who wish to export their pigeons to the EU or NI for immediate release back to GB must register their loft(s) before doing so.

Register of Racing Pigeons

The Scottish Government has worked with ScotEID to develop the racing pigeon register.  This register allows keepers of racing pigeons to submit details of their animals and to declare that the birds they keep meet vaccination requirements and are subject to an annual vet visit.  Keepers are also required to ensure records for the loft are retained and made available for inspection on request for at least 3 years.  ScotEID will allocate a County Parish Holding (CPH) number to the loft which will be used to complete the relevant Export Health Certificate (EHC). 

Government will use this information to determine the size and location of the kept racing pigeon population.  The data collected in this register will also be used for disease control purposes during notifiable or emerging disease outbreaks such as Avian Influenza.  The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) will have access to the database and from this they will be able to select which lofts they may include in future inspection selections.

This register is for those who keep racing pigeons in Scotland.

If you are a Keeper in England or Wales please visit:

Racing pigeon establishments: apply for a county parish holding number

Register a racing pigeon establishment to move pigeons to the EU or Northern Ireland for a race


If you are a Racing Pigeon keeper in Scotland you can apply online through  the Racing Pigeon Register or call 01466 794323.

For more information, please visit Racing Pigeon Register - Scotland - (

For issues regarding the health and welfare of your pigeons please contact your private vet.

For issues regarding your own health and welfare, please contact the appropriate local health services.